JOB ESTIMATE, also referred to as WORK ESTIMATEQUOTE, or simply an ESTIMATE is an initial assessment of a project cost - there are three different types of pricing estimate that BILD provide.

Not-To-Exceed: This quotation provides the customer with a predetermined price quote. This price model assumes that, no matter what, your invoice won’t exceed the amount you quoted. (this would be beneficial if you have a predetermined budget)

Binding: provides you with a fixed price agreement. This price model assumes a certain price for a certain work, complete with a detailed breakdown of costs so there is a clear understanding of what is being done and for how much. (the most common quotation type)

Non-binding: provides the customer with a ballpark number. This price model assumes your estimate will be changing whenever new information comes in. If quoted 20 project hours and the project eventually took 40 to complete, you will be invoiced 40 hours. (this quotation helps to serve a client that is happy to commence with the work knowing that there may be changes throughout the works)

Regardless of the type of Job Estimate you decide to go with, We make sure the terms are crystal-clear before you commence the project.