Kenny Matheson - Plumber

Our resident plumber Kenny can do all aspects of plumbing, through internal and external drainage to bathroom fit outs, to attending and fixing leaks. His talents even extent to coring, ducting and he even cleans up after himself. :O

Lawrence Elliot - Joiner, Foreman

Mr Transport, Lawrence is a robust, efficient and high quality joiner who the rest of the team depend on, on-site. Able to do his job, delegate tasks and keep a smile on his face.

Ryan O'Donnell - Managing Director

with a BA Hons degree in Business Law, a BSC Hons degree in History and a plastering trade, I am responsible for overseeing all the jobs and maintaining communication with the clients a

Scott McConachie - Joiner, Head of Risk

Scott is a terrific all-round joiner, works extremely hard and works smart. An all-inclusive brain, able to see the bigger picture ensures jobs that are done first time, are done right. 

Joel Muir - Builder

Mr Culture, Jolo is our PAT Tester, our Labourer, our Builder, Organiser, Cleaner who takes pride in making sure the sites have no obvious trip hazards, are as clean as possible and the material is organised efficiently.

Alan Murray - Joiner

Alan has spent most of his years as a Kitchen Fitter, fitting kitchens to the highest of standards. A lot more versatile than that though and is proving to be a very valuable member of the team. 

Peter Syzba - Tiler, Builder

Peter is our weird but extremely wonderful and highly skilled tiler and general builder. He is immaculate, his tiling is of a standard that I am confident in saying is second to none and his all round knowledge and understanding of the building industry is invaluable to the team. We are lucky to have him.